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Taking Care of your Health & Figure


Biodes is a Spanish company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of natural slimming and health care products made from medicinal plants.

Our products are offered as tea bags, capsules, pearls and single-dose sticks of soluble powder; we feel pleased to have achieved the highest quality mark in health care for over 50 years and strive to maintain this position.

As an independent family business, we are proud of our values and know-how. Well-known Bio3 brand is proof that we never compromise our quality, and represents the support and trust our customers place in us since 1966.

Bio3 brand integrates the knowledge of plants, constant innovations from our team of pharmacists, biologists and nutritionists and our family commitment that Bio3 products will continue being a worldwide reference in medicinal plants.

Bio3 products are leaders in the market of medicinal plants, food supplements and natural remedies.

Bio3 brand is unique because...

  • … we have established quality criteria for all production phases: farming, harvesting and laboratory blending…for over 50 years.
  • … all our products are produced and packaged in our own facilities in Spain; Bio3 does not produce outside Europe. Our facilities are subject to Official Control and meet European regulations and guidelines, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control) and good manufacturing practice rules (GMP).
  • … we have been pioneers in obtaining for our crops and products the Organic Certification ….. long before others have even begun thinking about it
  • … we only develop products with proven efficacy in clinical trials or with medical properties documented in Pharmacopoeia.
  • … we develop and invest in state-of-the-art packaging machines, ensuring all beneficial properties of natural plants:
    • -- We were the first to incorporate the tea bag without metal clip.
    • - We decided on modernity and comfort with our capsules, opting for the most hygienic quality; i.e. all our capsules are blister-packed.
  • … we innovate constantly ... in 2008 we launched Bio3 Solution Line, the first line of soluble extracts for your health proceeding from plants and fruits which unites the benefits of medicinal plants with water; its presentation in novel "single-dose sticks”.